Who We Are

The PSI Hyde Park Business Partnership (HPBP) is a student group that aims to promote community sustainability through Hyde Park businesses. We offer advice on implementing sustainable business practices. We target four main categories: water conservation, energy sourcing, food procurement, and waste management. We also promote businesses that are already implementing environmentally conscious practices to raise awareness of their positive contribution to the environment and to provide a resource for aspiring sustainable businesses.

Client Sustainability Consulting

How does it work?

Each business has their own specific resources and goals for sustainability. As such, we craft individualized strategies for implementing sustainable practices after in-person meetings with the client. After implementing sustainability goals that the partnership has agreed upon, we promote the business to the University of Chicago community as one of PSI's certified green parters.

Step 1:
Initial Meeting

We schedule an in-person meeting where we measure the current level of environmental sustainability of the business and discuss the details of a sustainability partnership.

We provide more details of what becoming a PSI Green Certified Partner entails, including advertising to the University of Chicago community through social media, digital and physical ads.

At the end of the meeting, we propose a specific sustainability strategy that is both cost-effective and feasible.

Step 2:

Depending on the details of the partnership, we may assist with implementing the sustainability strategy, like forming partnerships with composting companies or suggesting alternate green appliances.

We will check in on progress with how the strategy is being implemented and how our consultants can assist further.

Step 3:
Evaluation and Promotion

After a successful implementation of greener practices, we will provide a qualitative and quantitative assessment on the sustainability improvement of the business.

As a PSI Green Certified Partner, we will promote the business as a company with environmentally sustainble values and work on a strong, lasting relationship between the business and the UChicago community.

PSI Certified Green Partnership

Working with us can be more than just receiving sustainability consultations. We extend a partnership that can improve the branding of your businesses by publicizing your efforts toward more sustainable practices. As a student organization, we are a liasion to the University of Chicago student government and general student body–connections that create a platform for effective communication and marketing. Read about what this partnership can offer and other details in our PSI Certified Green Partnership document. Reach out to our email at the bottom of the partnership document to start working with us.

Why it Matters

For Your Business

Climate change harms local agriculture and infrastructure
  • Precipitation: Increases in extreme precipitation and evaporation rates will result in severe flooding and drought, posing a risk to agriculture and infrastructure. Shifting precipitation patterns will accelerate the depletion of water supplies for irrigation and expand the distribution and incidence of pests and diseases for crops and livestock. Resulting runoff will also degrade soil resources.
  • Temperature: Increasing temperatures will negatively impact crop and livestock production, according to the Fourth National Climate Assessment. Crops growing in the Midwest will not be able to adapt to higher temperatures fast enough, and a few extremely hot days may destroy crop yields. Heat stress for livestock will result in large economic losses.
  • Prices: This strain on agriculture and livestock will likely increase prices as supply of food decreases.
Sustainability is cheaper
  • Utility Bills: Conserving energy and water usage will significantly reduce the cost of your utility bills. Save money by unplugging appliances as well as by turning down the heat and air conditioning at night. Saving money by setting refrigerators to 41°F, which is the maximum temperature approved by the FDA, at night.
  • Light Bulbs: Halogen incandescent light bulbs, CFLs, and LEDs are more energy-efficient. Environmentally friendly light bulbs are cheaper and last longer when used in large quantities.
  • Printing: Double-sided printing allows you to cut unnecessary costs on paper.

For the Planet

Sustainability is intimately entwined with the welfare of our planet. The United States alone produces 220 million tons of waste per year, much of which ends up in landfills where it produces one of the most potent greenhouse gases - methane. This, combined with other sources of pollution like industrial agriculture and transportation, contributes to the warming climate. Our water and land both face similar challenges: 2 million tons of pollution enter the world’s water sources and 80,000 acres of tropical forest are decimated each day. Our actions are disrupting the delicate balance of ecosystems worldwide. As a result, species are going extinct at a rate estimated to be 1,000 to 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate. Making sustainable decisions, such as minimizing waste and energy consumption, and promoting similar lifestyles across our community will preserve the beauty, health, and diversity of our planet and ensure a future for our own species.

Phoenix Sustainability Initiative (PSI)

We are a student organization that seeks to actively share and develop environmentally sustainable practices and policies within the UChicago and Hyde Park communities.

Through close communication with the University staff, students, and partner organizations, we execute a variety of student-sourced projects, ranging from environmentally-focused community service to connecting with sustainability-minded businesses in the city for student careers programming.

PSI Green Certified Partners ✔

the Sitdown Cafe & Sushi Bar

1312 E. 53rd St. Chicago, IL 60615

PSI designed a three-tiered sustainability plan based on the goals the cafe, beginning with advising a cost-effective alternative to single-use utensils.

The Medici

1327 E. 57th St. Chicago, IL 60637

PSI designed waste and recycling signage for the Medici to improve correct sorting in their stores.

True North Cafe

1323 E. 57th St. Chicago, IL 60637

PSI helped forge a partnership with Healthy Soil Compost to ensure coffee grounds are put into productive use rather than going into the trash.

B'Gabs - Vegan Scratch Kitchen

1450 E 57th St, Chicago, IL 60637

PSI partnered with B'Gabs for the first plant-based student discount week for the University of Chicago students.